Made for the December 2017 Bitsy Jam: Snow


This is basically Solaris fanfiction. In the novel (as opposed to the film by Tarkovsky which is probably the more known/canonical version of the story) there's a scene at the end where the main character goes down to the surface of Solaris and sticks his hand into the weird sentient slime that makes up the whole planet and to me it always had a sort of romantic quality to it, like shyly holding hands with someone for the first time. I prefer to think that remaining there was actually a decision made out of a sort of combination of curiosity and affection that is the foundation of well, liking someone... rather than a purely negative delusion or denial of reality. So with this idea alone and vague recollections of the novel and film from months ago I decided to make a little date with the slime planet.

I've been really interested in slime lately and basically if I managed to capture even 1% of the weird enthralling vibe of the thousands of videos of girls describing slimes on youtube, I'll consider this a success.

The music is from one of the most memorable snow zones from my gaming childhood, Lunar Snowfield in Disgaea. 

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